Agustín Dondo

Full-Stack Developer

I'm Agustín, a full stack developer based in Amsterdam.

I work as a freelance developer for studios and agencies worldwide. I participate in big-brands projects and clients of all sizes, using the latest technology and tools available.


Kodect is a platform for developers. It creates a link between the client and the coder, and allows them to accept and share coding jobs post updates and get paid. This is a personal project I started in Aug 2016. It was developed using Laravel and the Stripe API.


The TU/e Virtual Tour, is a 360 degree, audio-visual walk around the campus of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. My role was to code it full-stack. It was built using the Google Maps and Places APIs, 360 Video and Photography, jQuery and CSS3 animations for the frontend and Laravel for the server backend.


Nullcasts is a curated platform for discovering and discussing high quality web development screencasts. It was developed on Laravel.


Twibfy is a platform for creatives to showcase and sell their work. I was in charge of the full tech stack. Entries are hosted on Amazon S3, backend was built on Laravel and frontend with Backbone.js, jQuery and CSS3. It also features a NodeJS realtime notification service using websockets for instant feedback between users.


GreenPlatform is a mobile social network focused on discovering and rating how "green" places are. The app was deployed on both iOS and Android and it uses social media login, Google maps and places APIs, geolocation and push notifications. The tech stack is: Ionic / Cordova for the frontend and Laravel for the backend.

Randstad: wie je bent

I was the developer of this iOS app for Randstad, in which users can record their own "video CV" and use it for job applications. The frontend was developed using Ionic / Cordova and the backend with NodeJS, Keystone and ffmpeg for video compression and optimization.

Tempo-Team: MarktMapp

This mobile app displays stats using various kind of charts measuring available job positions in the Netherlands. Frontend: Ionic and Cordova, Backend: NodeJS / Keystone

Welcome to Randstad

An online campaign to welcome new employees to the Randstad Group. Staff can record a welcome message in their own language via webcam and it will display to new users through this beautiful and dynamic site. Animations were built using SVG and CSS3, Javascript / jQuery, backend and CMS built on Laravel. Video encoding using ffmpeg and Amazon S3 for storage.